Founded in 2015, Covalto (formerly known as Credijusto) was an early innovator in building the technology infrastructure to leverage digital tax, e-invoice and other financial data to underwrite and service SMEs at scale. The company has built a one-stop solution for SMEs by bringing together a multi-product credit offering, banking services and a full suite of business analytics tools.

In 2021, Covalto became the first fintech in Mexico to acquire a regulated bank, supporting the expansion of its digital SME banking and services platform.

The company is backed by a world-class group of institutional investors including QED, Kaszek, Goldman Sachs, Point72 Ventures, Ignia, Credit Suisse and Victory Park Capital.

The bank of the future, today.
    • Built e-invoice and digital tax underwriting infrastructure
    • Launched business loans
    • Scaled the team to +50 employees
    • Closed Seed Round (Victory Park Capital and Elevar Equity)
    • Launched business leases
    • Scaled the team to +300 employees
    • Closed Series A (QED and Kaszek)
    • Closed funding line with Goldman Sachs
    • Closed Series B (Goldman Sachs and Point72 Ventures)
    • Closed funding line with Credit Suisse
    • Launched embedded finance strategy in partnership with Uber Eats
    • Acquired Visor ADL
    • Acquired Banco Finterra
    • Launched trade finance
    • Scaled the team to +350 employees
    • Rebranded as Covalto
    • Launched digital savings and debit accounts
    • Launched credit card


Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca 689, Piso 9 Col. Ampliación Granada, Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo C.P. 11529. Ciudad de México, México.

Teléfonos Conmutador 55 5278 3820 / Atención Covalto 55 5278 3839.

Buró de Entidades FinancierasInstituto para la Protección al Ahorro Bancario